D/s: Summer Roleplay

In North America, it’s moving toward summer and that means it’s time to roll out the playbook for hot and humid days and sultry nights.  Being hot and sweaty doesn’t just mean you’re feeling too lazy for sensual and sexual game play.  It may, however, mean you have to adjust and adapt to the moist, warm times.  Safety-wise, it means upping the intake of liquids to prevent dehydration even more than usual.  It also can mean making sure you eat properly despite a potential lack of appetite for heavy meals.  Think fruit in particular, both as a juice and snack food.

Pineapple juice is one of the better options and, if available and you’re not on a strict diet which prevents it, avocado, cocoanut, and dates are excellent, as are bananas.

Role plays for the summer months naturally can include the beach, lots of water, a sun-warmed forest, a lakeside cabin, or even a quick trip to the mountains for those cooler breezes.  Vacations can get pricey these days, however, so you may want to get creative at home.

Ambiance can have a strong effect on what your senses perceive, so creativity can add new dimensions to your sensory input for D/s or BDSM play.  While you may not have room for a private sandbox to imitate the beach, you can create a more tropical setting with a few scavenged palm fronds, some plants, an electric fan (wet a towel or some linen, for example, to drape over the fan to cool the output), and soft comfortable print fabric to cover the furniture.

Tropically-scented candles or incense can also add a refreshing ambient scent to the room where you play.  Island music, ranging from reggae to Hawaiian, also helps set a mood of being away from the inner city.

Setting a slower, more languid pace for play can have the added advantage of stretching out the time spent and not sap your energy quite so quickly when the temperature climbs.  It really doesn’t that much to sensually adjust the settings for summer months.  Remember those palm fronds?  They can be either real or artificial, but either way, take them into the shower, arrange them so they don’t poke you in the eyes, and voila!  When the water is spraying, you’re transported to a palm-fringed tropical waterfall.  Take advantage of the usual bathroom acoustics, too.  The sound of spanks is much more vibrant when the skin is wet and the tile or porcelain of bathrooms can create surround-sound echo effects.

If  you’ve exchanged your leather corset or pants for beachwear and bikinis, you’ve shifted the play scene visually and that affects your thinking and senses.  For night play, you can easily create your own “moonlight” with an inexpensive  paper Chinese lantern or plastic globe light.  Imagine your submissive bound lightly in the near-darkness with softened lounge music in the background and you could be in some secluded resort niche anywhere in the world.  Again, adding the aroma of scented-candles or incense helps keep this mini-getaway special.

Play on the sensory input.  For example, pine-scented incense or candles can take you to the mountain forest, just as patchouli immediately conveys a sense of warm Arabian nights with the pasha and Scherazade’s erotic stories or shades of the Kama Sutra.  For sounds, why not invest in or just download some ambient music or just the sounds themselves of rain or storms or forest birds.  Some of the lounge music from the 1960s, such as performed by Cal Tjader, also include ambient sounds  and can add a twist to the music you usually listen to for scening.

For those who like a bit of rough play, head out to the local thrift shop to pick up some light thin fabric clothing or underwear, such as slips or summer dresses that the Dominant can bare-handed tear or rip off completely in the passion and hunger of summer lust.

Create your own personal scenarios that can range from “the lost tourist and devilish  park ranger” to “sexy couple on the deserted beach”, from  “submissive on vacation and the seductive Dominant” to “island girl and the tribal chief”, from “nude sunbather and horny neighbor” to whatever your imagination prompts.  Summer is almost here and it’s time to get hot!


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