Fetish: Body Worship


Sometimes it’s difficult to separate the vanilla from the fetish world.  Body worship is certainly one of those gray areas because touching, kissing, licking and so forth can easily be part  of a vanilla dynamic.  We like to explore and taste a lover’s body as a sign of desire, so how does body worship cross over into the fetish realm?

Partly it may have to do with the intensity and the intent behind the practice.  In vanilla relationships, it’s not usual, for example, to lick the boots, shoes, armpits, anus, and other fetish dress or body parts of a lover.  While it may occur, it’s a sign that the fetish is in play.  Another aspect in D/s- or BDSM-related body worship is that the submissive is ordered or permitted to perform the actions. 

There are many sub-fetishes under the general heading of body worship and object-directed fetishes, which can include shoe, boot, or foot fetish, massage, clothing fetish, and the use of foods as accessories to body worship, such as whipped cream, chocolate syrup, fruit, applied to the partner’s body and licked off.

Intense body worship or specific body part worship, like foot, cock or pussy worship, implies a a kind of reverence by the submissive, concentrating on the extended expression of respect and desire.  The wanting to please is a given, but body worship — as its nature is understood — goes beyond to an obsessional level.

Curiously, the fetish for body worship can be practiced and enjoyed by top and/or bottom and by Dom as well as submissive, although most usually it is the submissive who worships all or part of the Dom’s body in a given time or session.  One of the most prevalent forms of body worship is centered on the genitals of the Dom or Domme, so people will more frequently find examples of cock or pussy worship portrayed in erotica written for the D/s community.

Respect, reverence. obsession, want, hunger for, need of all play their parts in any form of body worship, which can also entail the use of restraints, bondage, sensory deprivation, and other practices.  Versatility and creativity in body worship fetishes heighten the pleasure given and received.  If you particularly focus on a specific body part or fashion accessory, you may be a body worshipper. 



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