Nouveau Erotica


My new book Nouveau Erotica – Poetry and Prose – Domination and Submission is available for free online reading and free download here:

Sample 1:

“The horned moon, a crescent and sickle, Of light in blackness, makes her restless,

Stirring within the ancient call Of abandon and magic.

Like an onrushing tide, the wetness Flows.  Her surrendering gasps,

Gaping lips, thrust forward hips, Ripening nipples: a prayer.

Priestess of her cult of Him…” (from Daily, She Stands, Nightly, Kneels)

Sample 2:

“She couldn’t help the shiver that coursed through her as she watched him glide a bitten strawberry over her left nipple, bring it to his mouth, lick it, and repeat the glide around her right nipple…”

“Time and again, the goosebumps would rise on her skin as he toyed with her.  He seemed to have an endless variety of kisses, touches, rough caresses, suckings and licks that he played on her body like a master musician or sculptor.” (from The Sensualist).

Feedback always appreciated, of course.


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