The Greatest Sex Organ



Whether you’re vanilla, D/s, or some variant of BDSM, hopefully you have come to realize that nothing is so stimulating as an active thinking mind.  Sure, there are people who enjoy the stereotype dumb bimbo or the empty-headed gigolo, just as there are people who mistake a “know-it-all” for intelligent, but, in reality, and perhaps more as your experience with people accrues, you find that the mind is, indeed, the greatest sex organ of all.

It’s the mind behind that sexy Dom or seductive sub that really has staying power.  They can be beautiful or have that raw magnetism that pulls you closer, but if their mind is dull and hollow, you soon tire of their company and seek out something more stimulating.  Someone who actually thinks, not just throws out an impressive memorized list of facts or bombastic opinions can keep you entertained, engaged, and curious for decades.

Thinking means the person is alert to their surroundings and what you are doing and saying.  They’re not distracted by “shiny objects” like a magpie, but are focused in the moment and what’s happening in it.  Thinking people are often creative as well as practical and reliable.  Of course, there are the theoretical thinkers as well, like the absent minded professor whose mind is off on another plane altogether, but they are the exceptions. 

That Dom who always seems to be coming up with new erotic ways to please himself and his sub?  He’s a thinker.  The sub who goes above and beyond the call of duty and always seems to present her Dom with a pleasing surprise?  She’s a thinker. 

In D/s relationships, when two thinkers are present, there are no limits to what they can experience and devise for their mutual pleasure and sharing.  Just my opinion.  Your mileage may vary…


3 Responses to “The Greatest Sex Organ”

  1. I think so… 🙂

  2. angelquest Says:

    🙂 i have seen several discussions recently on the largest sex organ, and yet, Your article addresses it in a refreshing way. i always enjoy Your blog, but today’s has hit the mark for me. Thank you!

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