When D/s uses sensory deprivation as a sensual device, it changes the dynamic in what can be super-charged erotic ways.  We are normally so dependent on seeing things that when that ability is removed temporarily, the other senses seem to become more alert and aware.

These other senses, smell, taste, touch, hearing become heightened along with the added element of surprise at what may happen next.  Blindfolding encourages the hands, lips, and tongue to “grope” for the desired body part, particularly, of course, the genitalia.  And once touched, kissed, or licked, the tendency of the sub is to cling more fervently, to taste more deeply.

The blindfolded sub is a powerful visual image and stimulus for the dominant partner as well.  One becomes more creative with teasing and foreplay, for example, knowing that the sub cannot see what we are about to do.  Dominants may enhance what the other senses perceive through music and sound, change the touch sensations using ice or heat, soft or hard, pressure or lightness; scents such as incense or fresh fruit, massage oils, seem more invasive, the sense of taste increased by fresh fruit or chocolate.

When blindfolding is added to bondage or restraints and the ability to move freely is restricted, the combination is both erotic and enhanced for both partners.  Even the blindfold material itself becomes a part of the increased sensation, whether it be a leather mask, or silk or satin, scarf or necktie.  The ritual tying of the blindfold is even a form of bondage.

Once blindfolded, the submissive can be led by guidance, command, leash or by hand, to a new area where the ambience is different and unfamiliar, again heightening the perception of strangeness and the unknown, even if it simply another room in the apartment or house. 


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