The Lure of Fetish


In clinical terms, a fetish is something required for gratification.  Note that: REQUIRED.  In other words, without the presence of the fetish item or behavior, you can’t climax.  In more modern terminology, a fetish can be more of an enhancement, something added to the “usual mix”.

Fetishes can have a wide range, of course.  For some, it’s leather or latex or rubber, for others, it may include behavior such as domination or bondage.  Fetishes can be general in nature or highly specific, such as lactating breasts or visual or audio “cues”.

One of mine is fashion and culture.  For example, I enjoy a woman wearing full-length opera gloves as in the photograph.  I certainly don’t require them, but from time to time, they are an enhancement.  The same is true for smoking, which is a fairly common fetish.  It’s an erotic charger, particularly now as it’s become almost a “taboo” behavior.

Fetish fashion, again, has a wide range.  From denims to silk, from black leather to second-skin latex, from corsets to “the little black dress” and so forth.  Haute couture can be extraordinarily seducing and as erotically-charged as a black leather submissive harness.  1950s style fetish fashion has become popular with the pencil skirts and tight sweaters of such TV series as Mad Men and “swing era” clubwear is also a growing general fetish as is belly-dancing costumes among the BDSM folk.

In role-play fetishes, work garb can be anything from hardhat to French maid, from police, fire, or EM to…well, anything your imagination conjures up.

I’d like to hear back from readers about their fetish fashion likes and dislikes.  Drop me a line.


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