Taken – The Power of Power

While there may or may not be true aphrodisiacs, there can be no denying that power is mysterious, luring, and one of the basic building blocks of the D/s relationship.  It doesn’t necessarily mean physical strength either.  There are many kinds of power, just as there are many ways of expressing that power.

Submissives love that feeling of power.  Indeed, many crave it from their DOMs/Dommes.  It’s part of what they willingly surrender to. 

The feeling of being “taken” by a DOM/Domme, of being powerless to resist, of being “used” — is what can spell the difference between a satisfying relationship and one that is “just passing the time.”  Certainly, subs want to feel secure, safe, and protected.  That said, there is still the inescapable pleasures of being “forced to surrender”.

Even when it includes restraints and bondage, there still should be an element of surprise and power expressed.  Some have described this as “fucking like an animal” and it may also include other elements such as light choking, rough handling, dirty talking, spanking and so forth.  The main significance is that the submissive feel they are being “taken” as opposed to their general behavior of bowing to their DOM’/Domme’s commands.

Strength and power — as we know — lies in character, action, and dominance.  But not everyone understands what that is or how to express it.  This is where the naturally dominant have the advantage.  They already know and practice the display of such power.  It can be in the particular look in the eyes, a smile or frown, a gesture, a phrase.  Suddenly grabbing a sub and pulling them into position or growling a command, even the soft whisper that says “I will have you do this now” — can make a sub weak at the knees and aroused.

Control over the sub’s orgasms — the how and when and where — is another element displaying the power DOMs/Dommes have over their submissive(s).  The longer the sub must wait for release, the more they desire it.  The more forcefully they are made to surrender, the more protected they feel, lost in the undeniable power of their DOM/Domme.

Once you have established the dynamics and trust of your relationship, don’t forget to change up now and then.  Drop the often usual niceties of foreplay and teasing and simply “take them” — hard, fast, unexpected, and ultimately satisfying.  You my see a new respect in their eyes when you do.


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