Dominant Oral Sex


Sad to say, but there are still men and even DOMs who believe that performing oral sexor cunnilingus on women/subs demeans their DOMly/macho state of being.  I know, right! It’s the 21st century and yet still some DOMs and guys are locked in some whacked out beliefs like that.

Fortunately, I was still quite young in years (teens and early 20s) when I came to realize how powerful being really good at oral sex was.  Part enthusiasm, part skill set, and all passion are the keys for mutual pleasure in the realm of oral sex. 

For DOMs nothing ensures the control of your sub’s orgasm like being skilled at “eating her out” as we used to say.  And whatever else you may do, don’t “motorboat” your face on a woman’s vagina.  It’s stupid and shows your inexperience. 

Here’s a quick primer:

1.  Tease in foreplay for a long time.  Kiss, cares, and lick your way around her body, but avoid the eventual destination for awhile.  Or you can just lightly brush over it and then return to other places.

2.  Use the lightest pressure you can.  Women are sensitive enough you don’t need to “wake it up” with hard pressure unless she’s into roughness.  Some masochists may require a light flogging, but remember to keep it light otherwise you begin to de-sensitize her.

3.  Once “on target” kiss and lick the labia first, then slowly use your hand to pull back the clitoral hood to expose the clitoris. 

4.  With the clitoris sensitized and swollen, wash your tongue over it and also use the very tip of your tongue to tap, glide over, circle, and otherwise tongue-caress that pink bud.  Alternate your pace and rhythm; surprise her.  Tease and pull back from time to time, especially when she’s lifting her hips for more pressure.  Place your lips around the clitoris, suck very gently and keep your tongue moving on it.

5.  You like a sub to beg?  If you’re doing it right and you pause now and again, she WILL beg you for more.  That’s control and you are in control of her orgasm when and if you let her have one..or more.

6.  It’s multiples time.  Immediately after she comes the first time, she may pull away.  Her cliroris is very very sensitive right now, so just lightly kiss and lick it for a long moment, then go right back to the same pace and dynamic you had going when she came.  Make her cum again and she will very quickly usually.  So that’s two or more.

7. I almost always go for the “third time’s the charm” at this point and it can involve fingers, toys, etc. while still licking her pussy/clit or it may be “time to fuck” while she’s still high on the other orgasms.

Yes, it takes time and passion/want and she will know if you’re sincere, but is it worth it?  Of course, it is.  A satisfied sub under your control is a sub happy to do whatever you want her to, however you want her to.  That’s part of a DOM’s sexual control which is just as important as his emotional/mental control.

And, if you keep your control of what’s happening while you”eat her”, she’s not going to be topping from the bottom.  So there’s that.  It doesn’t mean she won’t bury her fingers in your hair (if you have any) or try to control where your tongue is, but you can pull away, to tease as long as you want.

Enjoy!  The taste of wet sub is…delicious.  So are their orgasms.

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