Sweet Submissive

Image  As always, your mileage may vary.  I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about brats and how some DOMs/Dommes enjoy their challenges and feisty nature.  Personally, I prefer a sweeter submissive, one who’s natural personality and behavior are bound in pleasing and pleasure.  Indeed, to me a submissive gets her utmost pleasure from pleasing her Sir.

Kneeling before her Sir is her favorite position in life, although however and whereever he positions her, she sighs with perfect contentment.  Her dynamic is all about her Sir’s pleasure and for punishment all he has to do is remove himself.  If you are such a DOM/Domme or submissive, you understand this; if, however, you prefer the unruly sub who too often seeks attention with bratty behavior, then that is your dynamic.

This is not to say that a sweetly surrendering sub is not sometimes “taken” or treated to her Sir’s rougher passions.  Too, I believe that subs need to study and practice their own form of seduction (not topping from the bottom) but showing their strong desires through gesture, behavior, and their eyes.  And, yes, when permitted (and one should do so) to express verbally their needs and wants.  A daily journal in which they write for their Sir, their thoughts, feelings, reflections, and fantasies can be a powerful tool for the sub to communicate their nature, their accepted pleasures, and future hopes.

For example, for a Sir to read in his sub’s journal lines such as “I am called to be at Sir’s side tonight.  I hope his pleasure will be to tie me up and fuck me so hard and then allow me to worship his beautiful cock” — how can he not respond with pleasure at her wanting?


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