Maid to Order

Image  It’s funny how every so often “what’s old is new again.”  This appears to be true for one of the standard old D/s role-playing scenes: The foreign maid and her Employer.  In many cases, the maid is French, but these days of the international Internet, she may be Mexican, Asian, or any nationality, from any culture.

In reality, very few people actually have maids, nannies, or au pairs, so the experience of role-playing between DOM/Domme and submissive has that extra “kick” of being new, unusual, and erotic.  Whether the couple enjoys average (whatever that may mean) relationship behavior, rough sex, humiliation, topping from the bottom, or anything else, the roles of maid and Master/Mistress of the house allow numerous, creative situations in which to practice them.

As with boss and secretary, your maid may dress in casual or business attire to begin with or she may wear provocative “maid” costumes that are revealing.  The role play usually begins with the maid going about her normal duties (dusting, cleaning, mopping – on hands and knees is quite nice, for example, making the bed, and so forth).  The Master of the house is there watching or appears and begins complaining about the work, threatening perhaps to fire the maid unless…

Naturally, the maid wishes to keep her job and so will “do anything” to do so, and thus the fun can begin.  How the scenario develops from that point is left to the imaginations of the DOM/Domme and sub, but may include bondage, body worship, oral sex, penetrative sex, humiliation, overt protocol D/s behavior, collar and leash, etc.

As an alternative, the “French maid” can “turn the tables” and become the dominating one, commanding the “Master/Mistress” to do her bidding, which can add a special twist to the scene.

However, it plays out — from historical to Victorian to fantasy or cosplay — the Maid to Order scenarios can be erotic as you creatively make it.  Explore the pleasure!


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