Trash Talking…

      Doms/Dommes ~ Do you permit your sub(s) to communicate freely their desires, needs, wants or do you force them to bottle it all  up  so that you never hear their urgent whisper “I need it”?  Now, I’m not talking about when you command them to trash talk.  What I mean is, do you give them enough verbal leash line to get right down to their sexual core?  Sometimes I find it utterly arousing and sensual to hear a sub purr, whisper, or even growl “I need you to _______ (fill in the blank)!”

   Dirty talk can be very exciting when timed just right, don’t you agree?  In good writing one of the old adages is “Tell them what you’re going to do, do it, tell them what you did”.  I think that can apply to Doms/Dommes and subs/slaves as well.  Submissives know the thrills and chills they get when their Dominant lover follows this principle.  It’s like aural foreplay when you tell a sub what you intend to do with them, then do it, then repeat by voice what you’ve done with them.  I believe the same applies to Dominants as well.  Imagine for a moment, your sweet sub saying “I need to suck your cock, Sir/I need to lick your clit, Mistress”, then having them do this followed by them gently stroking you and whispering “I sucked your cock/licked your clit”.

The repetition following the act, helps reinforce the intimacy you’ve shared.  As an adjunct, addition, or in place of, your sub can write out a “report” of what they have done either in their daily journal or separately.  Daily journals can be another means for subs to communicate their feelings, thoughts, actions, and fantasies which help us Doms/Dommes understand what is sometimes difficult for subs to express verbally.  It’s also a good means by which they can practice their trash talking/erotic memoirs and the Dom/Domme can read the journal entries and suggest (if they choose) alternate words, phrases, expressions, etc. to heighten their own pleasure (as well as that of their sub).

Yet another method of erotic or dirty talking is through sensual erotic hypnosis suggestions, which is a good method in use particularly in LDRs.  As always, we recognize that the mind (stimulated through the ears) is the finest sexual/sensual organ and that communication can be far more than just “orders” or commands.

So, talk it up, talk it out, and keep the communication flowing.


3 Responses to “Trash Talking…”

  1. Again, a well thought out article, but i do have a question for You…regarding the journal. When i first journaled, it was long before i was aware of my submissive nature (i am a novice lol at 46).

    So when i’ve read, several times, about Doms reading thier subs journal, i…resist lol. To me writing a journal is a place for me to release my inner most thoughts, and if i knew my Dom would be reading it, i fear that it would interrupt that free flow of thoughts. i would share with Him those thoughts, but wouldn’t want him to read it.

    i would appreciate Your thoughts on this. Thank You.

    • Hello, angelquest
      I can understand your initial reluctance and yet submission ~ in some cases ~ exactly includes allowing your DOM into your inner most thoughts and feelings. How else is He to know you better and better as time moves along? While you may tell him afterwards, it will be “edited” and not the raw stuff of yourself. It is, after all, what a Dom desires most to possess and learn by.
      Perhaps, as time goes by, you will feel more confident in sharing the depth in your journal. Every novice is like an apprentice, I believe, learning from the Master.

      • angelquest Says:

        Thank You – still feeling that resistance, but will speak with Him about that. One of the most challenging things for me at the moment is adjsting to being vulnerable – it’s very challenging from time to time, since my past has taught me to protect myself. However, when i get through those moments, i feel better and stronger – it’s quite the journey 🙂

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